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Expo Eléctrica's growth has been helped by a continuous seeking of alliances with important institutions to make sure that not only the number, but more importantly the level of attendees allows the best return of investments for our exhibitors.

The vast majority of the attendees play an important role in purchasing, making this trade show the most effective way to get in front of electrical products and service buyers.

Expo Eléctrica Internacional is a great event which covers the entire distribution chain.


  • Construction managers
  • Operations executives
  • Civil Engineers
  • Maintenance managers
  • Specialists in solar energy projects
  • Wholesale traders
  • Designers and lighting engineers
  • Buyers of the government sector
  • Corporate and industrial engineers
  • Mechanical engineers and electricians




  1. Expo Eléctrica Internacional has been the best business platform for the electric industry in Latin America for over 20 years
  2. Mexico is an important market, a perfect gateway to North and Central American markets
  3. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase new products
  4. Combine exhibition and excellent educational opportunities with a great conference program
  5. Meet top-level trade visitors
  6. Observe the market with over 500 exhibitors from all over the world
  7. Meet customers and prospects and engage them face to face – the fastest way to build relationships
  8. Find partners and form strategic alliances
  9. Reach more prospects in a three-day period than your sales force can in three months
  10. Connect with prospective customers in person instead of trying to reach them by email




- Cable and cable accessories

- Power Distribution – Panels, Circuit Protection and Accessories

- Lamps & Bulbs, Street Lighting, Residential Lighting, Industrial Lighting

- Automation and Control, Industrial Internet of Things

- Security Products and Solutions

- Telecom Products and Solutions

- Transformers and components

- Power Generators and Emergency Plants

- Conduits and Fittings, Cable Tray Accessories

- Wiring Devices and Accessories

- PV Energy, Panels, Inverters and Accessories

- Measurement Tools

- Earthing & Lightning Protection

- Tools and Accessories for Electrical Contractors

- Software

Air conditioning and refrigeration


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